Completely locked out of my account

About a month ago I changed phone and transferred the data over to the new phone (iOS). Sadly I didn’t realise that the authenticator app didn’t transfer the 2FA profiles over to my new phone.

Fast forward to today and my laptop failed. I have a replacement laptop, but now I have no way of accessing my account. The 2FA has completely blocked me out of my account and I cannot even recover the account because I lost the SSH keys on my laptop.

Any ideas here? I need access to the account for my work and I see no way of getting back into it.

I have contacted Github support but I assume it will take quite some time to get a reply, any ideas how I can contact their support by phone maybe?

The account in question is: wrux

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I’m sorry you’re in this situation. I’m afraid there are no alternatives to waiting for a reply from support if you were unable to use any of the available recovery methods.

I hope you hear back soon. Please note opening multiple tickets makes the queue longer and increases wait times.

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