Community Profile Items Not Recognized

For some reason, GitHub is not recognizing a few items in the Community profile for our repository code-server. We have the following:

Any ideas on how to get GitHub to look in the correct place?

Based on the wording here:

GitHub will use and display default files for any public repository owned by the account that does not have its own file of that type in any of the following places:

the root of the repository
the .github folder
the docs folder

It sounds like it can be under /docs but not sure.


Thanks for letting us know. I’ve had a look and we have some other reports of the same behaviour. We’ve opened an issue with the team and I’ll let you know when there is news.

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Another data point if it helps: GitHub - oppia/oppia-android: A free, online & offline learning platform to make quality education accessible for all. & Community · GitHub. We have all of the requested documentation under our .github folder (though our code of conduct is slightly modified, so per Code of Conduct is present in repo - but Insights -> Community tab doesn't detect it? - #7 by jab I expect that one will fail).

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@jsjoeio - We’ve now patched the bug in the community panel that was causing intermittent detection of some of the files, so you should now be seeing green checks as expected!

@BenHenning - we’ve also extended what gets recognized as a Code of Conduct, so you should be seeing a green check mark there, too!

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I can confirm that it is indeed working! Thanks @yamiacat :smile: