Community Health Files Not Working


My team is currently trying to switch over our informational documents to the GitHub supported Community Health files.

The rules for creating community health files are outlined here: Community Health File Rules
It states that

“For example, anyone who creates an issue or pull request in a repository that does not have its own CONTRIBUTING file will see a link to the default CONTRIBUTING file.”

However, when we attempt to create a pull request, nothing of the like happens.
Here is our file in our public .github repository: sysinfra/.github/

We would like to easily be able to push all of our Community Health files out to all sysinfra repoistories. Does anybody know why this isn’t working or a way around it?

Thank you,

The link you have provided is to a private GitHub Enterprise install, we’re unable to access it. Fortunately, as a GitHub Enterprise customer, you should have access to 24/7 GitHub Enterprise Support so you can probably skip this forum and get faster support from there :slight_smile:

Thank you! Sorry for the difficulty with the link