Community Forum Leaders program

Last year, we mentioned that we were working on a program for our most engaged users who take an active role in the forum by doing things like welcoming their peers along with helping others find solutions. These users provide great feedback and allow us to build the community alongside community members. To celebrate this, we wanted to create a structured program to give members closer interaction with us and benefits along the way.

After a year of working closely with our most active users to gain feedback and define how the program would work, we are ready to start recruiting for the program.

Program details


In the first iterations of the program, we will be defining, adding rewards, and benefits for participating in the program. These may include:

  • Access to information first
  • More direct communication with GitHub staff
  • Thank you rewards and swag
  • Early entry to beta releases

Length of Program  

We start with 6 months’ engagement in the program and then if you want to continue we can re-evaluate for another term. We want this program to be something that you enjoy and not feel like an obligation, so taking breaks is perfectly acceptable while you’re in the program. However, we would appreciate that you communicate with us and let us know if you need to step away.

Terms and Conditions

There are Terms included when participating in this program. Signing these terms allows us to be more transparent and work together to build the future of our community and the program.

Want to learn more or share your interest in the program?

Please fill out this form and we will be in touch. Your participation in the Community Forum along with sharing your interest in the program will help us build future classes of the program.

Thank you to all of you that participate in the Community Forum!


Hey @angela-crist, I recently applied for the Community Leaders program and I am wondering if there’s any standard turn around time for application. Thanks! 


Hey @logankilpatrick,

Thanks for being here! Someone from our team will contact you in the next week to get things going. Thanks again for being here and being such an active participant. We appreciate your time!


Hey @andreagriffiths11, I never heard from anyone so I just wanted to follow up. Thanks! 

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Apologies for the delay, hey @that-pat can we get Logan enrolled, please.


Hi there, 

I just did register for the program ! 

I really think it’s a great idea, the program will contribute for a better community in a better eco-system!

Thumbs up and thank you very much for this opportunity! 

Regards, Armand B.
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