Community AMA: Solving GitHub (New) User Challenges

What: @hollenberry, our resident Technical Enablement Lead, will be available to answer all your new (or not-so-new) user questions. What blockers do you have? What tips and shortcuts are you curious about? We’ll tackle some frequently asked questions from the forum to kick things off and would love to hear from you. Join us on this AMA and leave with some extra knowledge!

Where: Register Here

If you can’t join us but have questions, please pop them below in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer them!

Thank you to those who joined us! You can access the recording here. Password: 7&CR&$0V

Look out for the next AMA in October!


Wow. This is an opportunity for me to ask and learn. Can’t wait to attend. Please, what time will it be as Nigerian? I’m using WAT time. Thanks

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Hi @stanflows, this will be at 5pm, Nigerian time. We look forward to seeing you there! :smiley:

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Thanks, @tuves, sure I will be live.

I won’t be able to make the session, but please do allow me to kick off with a fun question: Eric, what’s your favorite merge method? Merge commit, rebasing or squashing? Does this differ per project (e.g. personal projects vs. large collaborative projects)?


We’re going live in 10 minutes! :rocket: