Community AMA: Lights, Camera, Actions!

You’ve got GitHub Actions questions and @ethomson, Product Manager, has answers! Our very own @thomasshaped will guest-host the upcoming Community AMA on November 19, 2021, from 8:30 - 9 AM PST. Register now and bring all your Actions-packed questions. We’re looking forward to helping you be more efficient in 30 minutes.

Edward Thomson is a product manager for GitHub Actions. Before becoming a product manager, he was a software engineer for several version control products, including the Git tooling at Microsoft and GitHub. His favorite action is GitHub - jeffrafter/honk-action: Honk 🗯.

Save your seat!

If you can’t make the session, drop your question(s) in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer them.


Since Actions has been getting so much buzz, we thought we’d kick tomorrow’s AMA off with currently unanswered topics!

So @diafour, @alesapin, @vladislav-naydenov, @shanmukhsumanth, @tunetheweb, @gnarea@thomasshaped and @ethomson will be discussing your topics–hope to see you there! :smiley:

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Custom reports URLs in workflow
Cannot connect to SQL Server from GitHub action
GitHub Actions on-premise VM deployment from Self hosted runner
GitHub Actions if statements can easily be coded incorrectly
Can’t call reusable workflow: “Unexpected value ‘uses’”

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Thank you all for joining and participating in today’s awesome Actions-packed AMA. For those who missed it–fear not, you can catch it on-demand! :smile_cat:

Meeting Recording
Passcode: 3h=S?#5S

If you have questions you didn’t get a chance to ask @ethomson, feel free to post in a comment below :point_down:t4:


Hi, wonder if anyone can help with what seems like I’m missing something obvious.

We have a branch which builds via an action on hosted runners no problem. However when a PR is created from it, the same build then fails. It’s a very simple action with nothing different about building it on a pr vs a branch builds in the yaml.

Any ideas at all!?

And, on a completely different note, do you think Github would ever publish the iac that they use to build the hosted runners, so we could build our own but with more cores/ram? Or even what stack the runners are built with presumably using iac?

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Hi @andrewgbell - I’m not sure offhand, how is the PR job failing?

As for your question about the hosted runners, our virtual environments are open source; we build our VM images using Packer and all the configuration for our different environments is in the repo.

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