Community AMA featuring Mike McQuaid 2021-02-26 2PM UTC

What: Join GitHub Staff Software Engineer, Author, Inventor and Homebrew Maintainer Mike McQuaid. We’ll discuss Open Source, burnout, mentoring, being a hands-on Dad and his Engineering values.

Throughout his career Mike has Improved GitHub for open source (collaborating with Google, Microsoft and Facebook) conceiving and building Open Source Friday, helped build Open Source Guides and other GitHub open-source programs. Improved database performance, process and tooling. Built Strap (replacing Boxen) which reduced development downtime for all GitHub-employed engineers.

Mike has lead and maintained Homebrew for over a decade (Mike is the longest running maintainer!). Inventor of Homebrew binary packages (bottles) featured in Apple’s Touch Bar MacBook Pro keynote and used by Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

To learn more about Mike, check out his blog and join us with your questions February 26th.

Where: The AMA will take place as a new topic under the Project Development Help and Advice, the topic will be open 10 minutes before the start time.



That’s really great I’m actually getting start on providing open source tools ,in order to help the developer community and help’em do the same ,cultivate the open-source mind.

For sure ,I’m in


We are looking into how Swedish Open Data should reuse tools created…

As one step in that direction I think we should use persistent identifiers on the datasets and use GITHUB Topics and mark the repositories to make it easier to find solutions using those datasets so we can reuse tools/solutions created…

I also created in Wikidata a new property for GITHUB topics see announcement in the GITHUB Support Community “Wikidata property P9100 created for GITHUB Topics”

Using the Knowledgegraph of Wikidata I think could be a big step of making solutions more findable


Cooler than a video chat on twitch channel


Hi All.

I am looking forward to attending this and also getting some ideas on developing open source community for energy access for wider adoptions of innovations in energy access.
We are looking for open source energy access community manager as well. More details can be found on this Medium Post as well.
Please share with your network if possible.


hey i am here. let me know whats next

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just hanging around waiting :slight_smile:

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Thanks for being here! The event will take place on the 26th. Next week :slight_smile:


emphasized text vents like these are important and helpful in improving the quality of new generation


great and thanku….


Starting in a few! The AMA will take place under the Project Development category. Click here to join: Community AMA featuring Mike McQuaid Today 2PM UTC - Software Development / Project Development - GitHub Support Community


Topic is now open and will remain so until the AMA is over at which time it will revert to read-only mode! We’ll start at 2:00pm UTC.

Mike is here and answering questions :partying_face:


Thanks again to Mike, Ernest and to our community for participating!
See you at the next one: 30 Minutes to Merge: Git Branching Strategy - Events - GitHub Support Community