Community AMA: Between two screens

In our December Community AMA, we’ll cozy up and hear from not one but two Hubbers as they discuss their journeys in the tech industry. Both come from very different backgrounds but have shared multiple paths during their GitHub tenure, from Customer Support to Engineering organizations. Are you looking to pivot into or within tech? Get your questions ready and join in on the conversation!


  • Ernest Phillips aka @ernest-phillips, Software Engineer - GitHub
    Ernest is a Software Engineer on GitHub’s Communities team. He is currently working on the Discussions feature. He has been at GitHub for over two years and recently transitioned into an engineering role. Prior to joining the engineering team, Ernest was one of our Technical Support Engineers focused on the dotcom side of GitHub.
    Ernest found himself in the tech industry after working many years in the retail service and sales sector. He was seeking a new way to help people with technology after getting burnt out working in brick and mortar stores. Ernest took advantage of the myriad of software development tutorials and courses on the internet and took his newfound experience to pivot into tech.

  • Francis Batac aka @francisfuzz, Sr Partner Engineer - GitHub
    Francis is a Senior Partner Engineer for the Global Expansion & Partnerships team at GitHub, the world’s largest software development network. Previously, he worked as a program manager and a technical support engineer, helping customers with technical advice for making the most out of GitHub’s platform features. His most valued work practices are establishing trust, exercising curiosity, and creating a brave space to learn and solve problems together.

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December 21, 2021
9 - 9:30 AM PST

And as always, feel free to post your question(s) in the comments if you can’t join us live. We’ll be sure to answer them in the AMA!


I’m really looking forward to this AMA! Both of you have done such amazing things with your career and I think you’ll have great insight and ideas to share with viewers! :star_struck:

Tagging @elisemoe @juanpflores from the Education team to see if they want to share this event with their community! @AndreaGriffiths11 too! This would be great to promote for DevRel & GitHub Stars! :star2:

Thanks so much for your time & dedication to the GitHub community!


Thank you to those who joined @francisfuzz, @ernest-phillips, and myself yesterday! It was such a feel-good session, a perfect way to close out the year.

If you’ve missed it, you can catch the recording here. And as always, feel free to post any questions you have for our guests in the comments and we’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP.


Having trouble with the passcode.

Link has been fixed :slight_smile: