Communications Expert / Writer Looking For Volunteer Technical Writing Projects


I am a professional copywriter and have worked in the communications / marketing sector for over 16 years.

I am now looking to enhance my technical writing portfolio in the IT sector therefore seeking volunteering opportunities in this field. 

Could people recommend any start up projects, where these skills may be required.  I am also new to Github, so I’m still finding my way around. 

Thank you 

Would you like to look at my project?:

Perhaps, technical writing is the most uncovered (and important right now) part of the project. I am not a native English speaker, just trying to do the best right now. Therefore, any help would be very welcome…


I would like to help out.  I am new to Github so i am still finding my way around.  I’ve had a look at the link you have sent through.  You may have to guide me on where you would like me to start looking at first.

  1. Introduction:

  1. Documentation draft:

  1. Work in progress right now - examples:

The idea is to use the last to engage people when I publish the project on HN (maybe in a few weeks)…

But please look first at (1) and (2).

BTW I am also new to GitHub… To contact me privately:

Ok, i will have a look at these.