Communicating With Markdown: Stuck on Lesson 4

Over the weekend I started Communicating With Markdown, it seems I’m stuck on Lesson 4, after creating a custom header and merging the pull requestI have not been able to move on to the next lesson. I’ve also tried reverting the pull request and doing it over, but that hasn’t helped either. Not sure if I goofed on something, somehow, somewhere. Any help would be appreciated. Here’s a screen shot:

Hey @baterkari,

Since a lot of our course steps progress based on specific pull request or issue numbers, the revert action on the pull request has created another pull request while the original pull request remains as merged. Becasue of this, the revert action confused the bot’s response to progress. I was able mark step 4 as complete in your course but due to the revert action the bot wasn’t able to respond with next steps. 

I ran through the course myself to try and simulate your experience, and after reproducing your exact steps minus the revert, I was able to progress. I’ll continue to look into this but as a way forward I suggest that you delete/rejoin the course to restart the logic flow. 


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Thanks @a-a-ron  for looking into it. I’ll do everything over again.

Sounds great, @baterkari. If you go through it again and get stuck after adding your header to the file, stop and ping me in this thread and I’ll see why the bot isn’t responding. Thanks!

on trying to update themes… I got this messge

___ Unable to commit _config.yml to protected branch.


btw. is there a typo there? should be minima or minimal?

and why is the course so anally linear?

open all modules and still keep track on monitoring where folks ‘get stuck’ will improve this greatly


@lionroy sorry about the delay, looks like this one slipped under the radar.

" ___ Unable to commit _config.yml to protected branch repeatedly."

Were you able to resolve this error? We’d be happy to look at your repo if you don’t mind linking it. 

“btw. is there a typo there? should be minima or minimal?”

It should be minima.

“open all modules and still keep track on monitoring where folks ‘get stuck’ will improve this greatly”

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure to pass this along to the team.

I am stuck here. How am I to approve myself for merge?

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Hi @aisobe. I’m sorry you’re stuck on this step. I see that it still is an open pull request. 

It looks like the URL is really a URL in markdown, but the bot is stuck. I’ve approved your pull request, and marked the step within Learning Lab as complete manually. I don’t have write access, but if you’d like to invite me to that repository, the approval should allow you to merge and move on. However, if you’d prefer, you might also want to start the course again. You can do this from the home page of the learning lab course:

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