Communicating with Markdown issue with adding headers

So what I’m doing is editing my header md file, and pushing the changes through Powershell CLI. These changes appear to be coming through the GitHubPages site:

HOWEVER, I cannot navigate to the next step in the tutorial. This is where I’m stuck:

Can anyone please advise? Thanks so much!

There needs to be a space between the last # and the header text. If you look at markdown-portfolio/ at f0bd731ef905e4ded09a790560fb69a4fdc5634f · MattNewtonian/markdown-portfolio · GitHub you’ll see the headers aren’t recognized by the markdown renderer either.

That’s correct. But now I keep trying to edit this file with the workflow shown in the tutorial, so each time I need to do “git add …” and “git commit”, followed by “git push”. But it seems to not be recognizing my changes.

Here’s a photo of my workflow. Can you identify any problems? Thank you!

Looks like the file has been pushed successfully to the add-headers branch, as the output of the first git push command in your screenshot shows:

Is that where you want it? Or should it be on another branch?

Thank you for your reply and clarifying that I’m on the wrong branch. So I see that this is working right on the add-headers branch, so it needs to be pushed to main, correct? But when trying to merge it to the main branch, I get the following errors:

Review required
At least 1 approving review is required by reviewers with write access.
Merging is blocked
Merging can be performed automatically with 1 approving review.

Is this normal?

Requiring reviews before merging is a repository option. I assume it was enabled by the bot so it can steer merging (that’s what I saw in other courses).

You can disable that restriction in the repository settings (see About protected branches - GitHub Docs), but if you haven’t finished the course yet it might be better to do that first – I’m not sure if the bot would get confused otherwise. :wink:

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I see. Well, I still can’t get this to work and don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Every. f*cking. time with this Git business…

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I fixed it by disabling that feature and now the tutorial is broken. You were right. Another hour wasted trying to learn this nonsense…

The instructions here don’t even make sense…