Communicating using Markdown has bugs I will suggest fixes for:

Created - 22 Apr 2021:
The lesson for Communicating using Markdown which creates the local repository userName/markdown-portfolio has bugs: there is no pencil icon in which to edit (so I used … icon instead) for editing the file in step 3.
See screenshot attached of file to edit showing no pencil:

Edited - 23 Apr 2021:
I will begin the journey (who knows where it ends) to edit a GitHub Learning Lab lesson and log my progress on this thread by continuing to edit this thread thus keeping my progress in one place.
So, hopefully you, gentle reader, can follow along and perhaps do the steps for yourself.

The first problem I noted with this Communicating using Markdown lesson is that it gets easily stuck! and will not respond; so my solution was to start the lesson over again from the beginning.
@Sajan390 your stuck too. So, start over again by deleting your copy of this repository.
Your copy of a GitHub Learning Lab repository can be deleted (then re-start this lesson fresh) by clicking on the repository page then click ‘Settings’ up top then click on ‘Options’ on the left panel then scroll to the bottom to find the ‘Danger Zone’. At the very bottom is ‘Delete this repository’. Click the link and follow the instructions; your old lesson is gone and you can begin fresh by re-starting this lesson. I myself got stuck twice and had to delete this twice and start over again before I could finish this lesson. So keep trying! @brianamarie has an alternate way to re-start your lesson.

Begin my journey at this link. And start by reading, reading, and more reading. My goal reading is to get this repository in my user-name; which turns out to be quite easy simply ‘Fork’ this repository and I now have my copy: UNIVAC-Coder/communicating-using-markdown. But, you will not need to Fork unless you want to make your own changes or follow along in the changes I might make next.

Well, did you hear about making bug or improvement reports regarding the Learning Lab lessons? One tread has me go to this community forum and open a topic for discussion which you are reading now. So far, I have some 25 views but no replies. So the bug reporting here seems a little off target. To get on target and actually file a bug report for these Learning Lab lesson do this

  • Find your course titled ‘githubtraining/course-name’ at this link among the list and click on it.
  • Or click on githubtraining/communicating-using-markdown. Do not make a fork!
  • Do not make a fork. (I discovered by trial and error what works.)
  • Report bugs or feature improvements by opening up an issue. So, click on Issues at the top.
  • Read the issues to see if other have the bug handled. if not…
  • Click on ‘New Issue’ and create your report using the existing issues as a template.
  • Good Job!

I am done for now, having submitted my bug report. And now I wait for a response while continuing on the next Learning Lab lesson.

I will return when I have an update…