Common Directories

I am using git with Eclipse.  I make a new workspace for each Jira story I am using on.

I also made a template workspace with Java set up, location of Chrome driver, etc.

One project I have to keep checking out, takes a long time and rarely changes is “resources”.

So in my template, I checked out “resources” onto my F: window drive.  This template workspace  is called AAWorkspace. When I get a new Jira project (Say ATEST-1234)  I copy the entire AAresources to ATEST1234 and use that as the work space.  Then ATEST1234 does not need to check out resources as it is in a common location with other projects (though it may need pulling sometimes).

I have a workspace (prod) that is older which I am still using.  It was before “resources” was created so it does not have it.  My old location there for chrome driver became outdated.  I would like to use the common one on the F drive but not sure how.  If in my workspace (prod) I check out resources to that path it will overwrite what is there which I am not sure I want.  Is there a way to incoprorate my new resources into my old prod workspace?

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Thanks.,  Is there a link to the new location?

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