Commits not showing when searching by date

On my GitHub profile page, I see commits I have made on the timeline, with a link to a period of time (two weeks?) that should include those commits. When I click that link, I see no results.

For example, right now on my profile page I see this:

Screenshot_2020-08-15 heycam - Overview

When I click the “1 commit” link it takes me to, which says “No commits found”. However if I view, i.e. without the date range, I do see my August 5 commit in there.

Is this a bug?


Hi @heycam :wave:
Thanks for stopping by the community! I am happy to clarify what is going on here!

The Commits API parameters are not applicable when viewing commits in our UI.

So you will need to use the Search by Commits or Authors within the UI instead.

From the search field, your query may look like this:

repo:mozilla/gecko-dev committer:heycam author-date:>2020-07-31

You won’t be able to use a logical AND or OR operator to narrow the search, I’m afraid.

Thanks for the reply, Ernest. The URLs with the since/until parameters came directly from the timeline that GitHub generates on my profile page. Perhaps the timeline needs to be updated to link to a search query instead of using the commits API?