Commits not showing in count contributions

I was gone for a really long time from github.

Finally I have some time, I started to write code and commit, but little that I know my commits are not counting.

Here is my profile with the initial comit and repository creation on 16th of March:

Here is my commit history:

Those little green boxes mean nothing in reallity but I kind of miss them.

Tried to read this but I cannot find a reason why my commits are not counted. I am the owner, I use the emal and the commits are into master.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? 

Hey @angel-dzhambazov , 

Thanks for reaching out! People often find they are missing contributions because their commits were authored by an email address not associated with their GitHub account, as described here:

You can check the author of a commit by adding .patch to the end of the commit URL. 

To change the email address in your Git config for future commits, you can follow these steps:

To update the author info on previous commits, you would need to rewrite the history of your repository, which we tend to discourage if your repo has several contributors. More information can be found here:

Hope that helps! Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

hi @arahimh ,

i’m having the same problem so i followed the steps to the first article you linked and noticed that my commit message didn’t have a question mark button next to it neither did it have my account profile picture. Even though my email registered with GitHub was the same as my computer I checked my account in terminal using the git config commands but nothing changed.

I ended up committing changes with Atom but I would like to learn how to make sure my pushes are associated with my GitHub. Here’s the repo for your reference!

please let me know if you have a solution to this