Commits not being included in Contribution Activity


I have an issue where GitHub is not counting my contribution activity for a reason unknown to me.

My profile: simbleau (Spencer Imbleau) · GitHub
From June 6th - 10th, I see no contribution activity.
Although during this period, I was committing daily here: Commits · simbleau/convo · GitHub

Can someone explain to me why the contributions do not count?

Thank you.

At a glance, those commits don’t seem to be part of the default branch of that repository yet, which is required for them to count. They should appear after you merge.

See also: Why are my contributions not showing up on my profile? - GitHub Docs


If I do a squash-and-merge, will it only as 1 contribution (on the day of the squash), or would I have to merge the branch without squad to receive retroactive contribution?

If you squash there will be only the one squash commit in your contribution history.

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