Commits coming up under the username 'SomeonesMasterPassword' when commiting via Pycharm

So I am working on GitHub - Ben-Garcia-Data/AllTheatreJobs: A web scraping tool for collating all backstage technical theatre jobs.

And when I commit via Pycharm the username of the person who commited is ‘SomeonesMasterPassword’. See Commits · Ben-Garcia-Data/AllTheatreJobs · GitHub

I think this started after I used Git Bash to remove a file from the repo history after I accidently uploaded credentials in a config file. I also recently changed by GitHub username. Now whenever I commit via Pycharm ‘SomeonesMasterPassword’ is credited with the commit. As someone who is trying to populate my Github with commits to show recruiters that I actually know how to program, that’s quite annoying. I cannot find any advice on this and I have no idea if this is a Pycharm or Github issue.

I can commit directly on github(dot)com (See updates to the readme) and I get the credit.

Happy to clarify anything or add any info if something isn’t clear. Thank for help#

Done a bit more testing. I can choose who ‘authors’ the commit. Pycharm appears to think there’s an account called SomeonesMasterPassword and it shows one of my emails. I don’t remember ever creating that account but maybe I did. I certainly have no idea how Pycharm has found it. I cannot find any record of that account inside Pycharm other than the commit options.

I tried resetting the password of the supposed account (can’t guess the password) and GitHub says the account doesn’t exist. Bugger.

Attribution is done via email addresses. If you check the .patch for one of the misattributed commits you’ll see it was committed as (removed by moderator).

Yup, which is my email. Although I cannot login to (removed by moderator) and I also cannot seem to reset the password of (removed by moderator), which feels a little strange.

As the default grey octocat icon shows, that email address is not recognized as associated with any GitHub account. That’s why the author name recorded in the commit is used. If the email address is correct, you’ll need to add it to your account.

@moderators. Thanks for redacting earlier replies. Sorry if I went against some rule/etiquette.
I didn’t think it was a big deal since the info is displayed elsewhere on GitHub (the commit .patch URLs). Next time I’ll be less specific or just use a link.

@kingthorin Thank you personally for pointing it out- I wasn’t aware it was visible until you pointed it out.

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