Commits being tagged by an older user

I had an account with MFA turned on with my computers SSH key registered.

Of course I did not download recovery codes and of course I upgraded my phone without backing up the authenticator app :frowning:

I now have a new account :slight_smile: but for some reason all the commits coming from my computer are being authored by my old username (I’m using GitHub desktop). I see my old user name’s icon next the commit box but I cannot change this (yes, I’m logged into my new account). Has anybody ran into this issue?

Sample PR from my new account with commit from my old:

Welcome @OkanArika. You can check the name and email address that are being used in your .gitconfig by going to File > Option > Git in GitHub Desktop. Make sure the email address being used there matches an email address that is associated with your currently logged in GitHub account ( You can read more about how commit attribution works here:

We’re hoping to make some changes to GitHub Desktop in the future to detect when these situations occur (see for the tracking issue).