Commits appearing as two different accounts/users

I’ve noticed some commits I’ve pushed to github show up as though they’re coming from a different github user, although it still has my profile picture. For example, commits showing up correctly in a repo I own:

Commits I made showing up incorrectly in the same repo:

hydhknn appears (?) to be a valid github user, sort of, except it doesn’t show any activity, including those commits. I can’t add a link because I hit the limit as a new user in this forum, but it’s at hxxps:// Can anyone help me understand what’s going on here?

That’s really weird! Usually things like that are because email settings are wrong, but as far as I can see the author email address is the same in commits from both sets. That looks like a topic for a bug report to me, in particular because it can have uncomfortable consequences if the origin of commits is misidentified.

On thing you could to first is to verify the author email address in those commits is verified for your account.

Ahh, I bet that’s the problem. The email in those commits is associated with a former employer, and I no longer have access to that email address. I’ll still file a bug report, but that seems likely to be a culprit and an easy thing for me to fix in the future. Thanks!

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I experienced this one and the email is the culprit.

Now, the question is, is that email being used by the other employer? another separate account? or that’s not being used?

If that is not being used and that email was yours at your company, you can still add that as unverified email, so that you will still be getting the commits, but you must have your another primary and verified email now.

If that is being used, simply remove the email to your GitHub account (of course, it should not be your primary and verified email by now).

for complete details, check this out,