Commiting changes and pushing to origin(Visual Studio 2017)

Hello, I’m a beginner at github and would like to get started contributing. I learned a bit about how to contribute using visual studio 2017 with the help of the firstcontributions page, but I’m having trouble contributing to other repos. Let’s say I wanted to contribute to a public repo. I first fork it, then open (myusername)/(repo name), I clone it in visual studio, add a new branch with my name. I then added a folder and some files inside it through the solution explorer. Finally, I go to changes, give it a name and commit all and push. After it’s done pushing, I’m supposed to be able to see it on github to make a PR right? But it never shows up. Am I doing something wrong?

Also when I go to changes, it doesn’t show my newly created folder and files under Changes tab. Is that supposed to happen?

Alright, I’m sorry for this but I found the answer, visual studio had some conflicting files which led it to show wrong changes and hence the commit wasn’t actually working even though it said it was pushed. 

Close this thread please.