Commit user wrong

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Something is wrong with my account / setup.

The commits show they came from me, but when I go to actions page or my commit history page, it shows up as the person who used to use this computer.

I checked the local and global configs with “git config --global” and it shows correctly.

There must be a stale setting somewhere but I cannot find it.

I connect using a personall access token not sure if that is it, there is another user of the repo using the same persoanll access token whos account is working fine.

Here is the repo if anyone wants to take a look: GitHub - cjburkha/theburkhardts

Thanks in advance for the help!

Sorry I could only attach one image, here is other

Full story is I am using this repo to get my kids going on this stuff, so it is pretty important it all works and lines up so its not confusing and they can see their progress. I am posting under my sons account

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What about GitHub uses the author email address to detect who authored a commit.

Yes I checked that too it is correct