Commit to master: how to tell whether changes are (still) in master

The screenshot below, for example. 

To the left:

  • b1231ac
  • a commit to master, apparently.

To the right:

I can visually compare things, but it’s tedious.

Is there an easier way to tell whether changes from a commit to master are still in master?

Hey @grahamperrin,

Thank you for being here! You can compare the state of your repository across branches, tags, commits, and time periods. Check out how at I hope this helps!



Thanks, but that help page confuses me; marking this topic as Solved was premature.

Please, can you apply the relevant part of that page to the example in my opening post?

For the example in the opening post, should…9c2c0e0 (9c2c0e0 committed five days ago) a starting point of some sort?

For…9c2c0e0#files_bucket I get: 

> … too large to display on GitHub.