Commit signing in actions

I have a workflow that’s committing and pushing changes back to the repo but the commits aren’t showing as signed. Apps and bots are supposed to have signed commits now, and I’m using the actions account to make my commit. Should this be working, and if so what’s the correct way to set it up?

I’m running this before committing and pushing:

git config --local "github-actions[bot]"
git config --local "41898282+github-actions[bot]"
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Yeah, you can use the bot to sign in. I have tested and tried, it can work as expectd.

Note: before using the option  –local in git config , you must clone/checkout the repository to local at first. You also can use the option  –global in git config.  

More details about git config, you can reference here:

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@brightran you misunderstood the question.
@xt0rted is asking how to create signed commit with GitHub Actions.
Something that we are waiting for from the beginning Support Signed Commits by · Issue #667 · actions/runner · GitHub
@xt0rted the link above contains the easiest workaround for this problem.