Commit search still in preview for rest API and non existent in graphQL

Hello, I recently had a reason to search for a users commits and not just PRs. I noticed the graphQL search API doesn’t support commits yet and for rest API, it is still in preview. I’d love it if someone can share if there is any plan to take it out of preview soon, and what preview period actually entails

Welcome, @NdibeRaymond––thanks for raising this here!

We don’t currently have a public roadmap for when specific endpoints will transition from their preview state, in addition to when specific fields in our schema will be included. If an endpoint is available for preview, we only suggest that it may change without advance notice.

As far as searching commits goes, there’s not much else we can share beyond this blog post introducing it to our API.

We encourage you to subscribe to the GitHub Developer Blog, where our team posts major updates to our platform:

Also, we encourage you to subscribe to the GraphQL API schema changes if you’re interested in learning what new fields available there: