Commit doesn't show up on GitHub(web)


I have kind of an issue here with the website I guess.

I just pushed a commit to the GitHub some minutes ago with the GitHub client application - I can see the commit was sent in the history page(1)


Now, if I go to the PR on the web, then I can see this(2)
And I can’t see my commit there.

My co-worker pulled the branch and he can see my commit too(3)

I can’t see anything on the what should I do?



I can’t even upload more pictures, seriously…

I also have the similar problem, commits come up a few mins later but webhooks don’t fire at all.

Works again - there was like 15-20 minutes while it wasn’t working.

The same for me.

Not-updating PR:

Its branch, but with fresh commits:

Same here, PR not updating but the branch shows additional commits.

Now we have “Some services are degraded” at without details.

I got the same problem. GitHub has this problem routinely! What is Azure doing?

My commit does show up in commits history, but PRs are not updating, webhooks are not sending any updates, and github actions is not triggering

Hi @Synida and all,

Sorry you experienced this! This should be an temporary issue.

Confirmed it works fine on my side now, the commit can display in PR and repository in time, github actions are triggered successfully.

If you still encounter the issue, you can directly ask for private support here: