Commit Color Boxes are 1 Day Behind

When I make a commit, the box for the day before is highlighted, but the box for the day I committed on stays blank.

For example, making a commit on December 17th fills in the green box for Dec 16th, even though the commit was on the 17th.

This just started about 4 or 5 days ago. I was hoping it would resolve itself, but it hasn’t.

fredwbaker (Fred B) (

Any ideas?


The contribution calendar grid thing is likely based on UTC timestamps.

Thanks! Is there any way to update this on a permanent basis?

I saw this article, but I am new to this still, so it doesn’t quite make sense: time zone - Is there a way to set my timezone on - Web Applications Stack Exchange

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No there isn’t a straight forward way to set or change it.

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From what I can tell, this looks like a bug and not just an update to UTC timestamps. The numeric dates are also one day behind the corresponding weekdays (displayed on the far left of the graph). The weekday corresponding to each date would not change due to a timezone change. I noticed this around the same time as @fredwbaker. I’ve confirmed that this also affects the GraphQL API as well as the interface.

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I was wondering if I was just missing a setting. I am trying to make a commit each day (even if small) just for tracking progress in learning JS, and from one day to the next, it just stopped. I think it was Dec 14th. When I tried to find a support email for GitHub, I landed here, so I have no idea how to report the bug.

@pstakoun, I appreciate you jumping in on this. Is there any way to alert GitHub proper to this? If it is a bug, it is beyond the scope of a support forum.

I’ve submitted a ticket via

It doesn’t look like I have the ability to do that, or I am totally missing something. No screen leads to submit a ticket (just this community) and google searches provide nothing.
Would love it if you could point me in the right direction.
Thank you!

Go to the support URL in the post immediately before yours. Click “My tickets”, click “New ticket”.

Thanks! It is weird, but there is definitely nothing ticket related on my screens. I wonder if I have a different type of account, or if it is absent because I am newer to GH. I tried on multiple browsers as well.

When I click the contact us it takes me to this screen:

Yup, it’d normally be by the “Sign out” button.

Try “Account or billing issues” on that second screen.

Or try:

Thanks @kingthorin. That got me to somewhere I could get in touch. I didn’t look in there because this is technical support, rather than account related, but it did get me to a form.

Thank you, and happy holidays!

Hi all!

So, they got back to me:

2 things:

First, the graph bug was fixed lastnight, and is showing correctly on my screen now. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!

Second, the support tickets are actually now intentionally limited for free accounts, which I get, but also makes finding a place to submit actual issues very challenging, especially for those of us who are newer to the platform. Per the response email from support:

"The issue with submitting a support ticket stems from changes made to our Free plans last spring. The support provided for Free plans is now done through the Community Forum, with the exception of some specific categories (which your screenshot lists) that cannot be addressed on the forum, such as sensitive data removal:


Thanks again everyone!