Commit changes on github page doesn't work for my account

I have written a tutorial on a .md file in the repository of my work team.
Yesterday I write some lines on the tutorial, however, when I tried to save (commit changes) nothing worked, I can’t press the commit changes and see the preview too.

Moreover, when I tried to create a new md, github doesn’t allow me to save anything.
I’m new in github, so I work with the page not with the terminal, maybe that is the problem?
Any idea or help is welcome. Thank

Are you allowed to commit directly to main in the repository? If not, switching to the “create new branch and start a PR” option might help.

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Thank you for your answer, but your idea didn’t work. This is weird because yesterday I could make changes!

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I’m looking at your repos, there are 9 public repos, none of that has that file,

seems that file should be public because it’s tutorial, isn’t it ?

if you can give us the direct link of that, that is much better

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it may happen that you did not change anything then proceeded to commit, which you will not be allowed, the button will be disabled

That it’s not the case either, because I wrote some lines and then I couldn’t save it.

Actually, it’s not the case. That repo is part of my teamwork.
Previously I can make changes, but not now.
Here is the link: EvolMicroLab_UM/ at 4b9a4ff3ff7e3b64c077810f27c2f694d39c4fc2 · jpca21/EvolMicroLab_UM · GitHub