Commit changes button not working

The ‘Commit changes’ button in the web interface is not working. It is ‘greyed-out’ i.e. disabled, also after editing content, in Explorer, Edge en FF on Windows 10. Some weeks ago this was working just fine.

The same goes for the dorp-down to make a new branch. This button is also not working.

Hi @baknu,

Thank you for being here! Would you mind sharing a screenshot so we can take a look?



Really. The button is grey and I can’t push it. I don’t have the screenshot, just trust me. 



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My “commit button not working” looks like the above screenshot, and is completely unclickable. The cancel button works though, however, I need to commit changes.

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Currently experiencing the same issue in my account.

Not sure what happened.


I had the same issue the thing is you shouldn’t set your directory with “/” at last before committing it. It works like that

I had the same issue. I was trying to put my new text into the comment for the release instead of into the file itself. GitHub certainly takes some getting used to, without really simple step-by-step tutorials being available.