Commit Changes button does not work

I usually update different files using the Github file edit button then commit changes but since yesterday the same files that I usually update I couldn’t commit the changes after updating them, the green button (commit changes) does not work.

The issue is not in just one repo, all the files in my different repos are not updating.
I have also disabled all Firefox extensions, and I have tried to use the Chrome browser too, but I still had the same issues.

Any help please, and thank you.

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a “me too” message with my current symptoms:

i get the disabled commit button, too, but in chrome (on both windows and linux). just now tried the same in firefox on linux, and the button behaved as expected (i.e., it worked fine there).

(but since chrome is my goto, and one of the places i use this lightweigh way of updating is my chromebook, this issue is still an issue for me…)

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Thx, at least someone is sharing my suffering.

it seems to be not working on the user end,

this is another one posted with a solution, you may want to check this out

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I received this from Support:

Mar 9, 2022, 2:50 AM UTC

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to GitHub Support!

There are few reasons one could be experiencing this sort of trouble though:

This can sometimes be caused by conflicting browser extensions. Could you please try visiting the page again with browser extensions disabled, in an incognito/private browsing window, or in another browser?

In order for to function properly it requires JavaScript to be enabled. Its highly unlikely that JavaScript is disabled on your browser, but on rare occasions this does impact users and is worth a quick check.

This can sometimes occur when accessing GitHub using an outdated browser. Browser versions update so frequently we recommend verifying that you’re using the latest release of a supported browser.

With any luck, one of these options should resolve this issue, but please do let us know if you continue to run into any further trouble.

If you could confirm the exact browser version and operating system you’re using as well as share any relevant screenshots, that would be most appreciated.

It would also be very helpful for us to see a screenshot of the Console view in your web browser. For example, using Firefox you can follow their guides:

Hopefully there will be something in either the console or network logging that can help shed some light on this.

Once we have more information, we’ll certainly do our best to help!

All the best,

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I use Firefox as my browser. In my case my editing problem turned out to involve Ghostery, a browser extension used to block trackers and ads. Turning off that extension or browsing in a private window fixed the problem. But the best solution for me was adding “” to Ghostery as a “trusted site.”

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Thank you @jdevstatic

Thank you very much @budryerson for sharing these insights.

I think this problem is only for firefox. It’s efficiently working in google chrome. Update your chrome browser and then try it again.

yup it’s better to test either in a private browsing that serves as the fresh copy of your browser, or try different regular tabs without extensions