Commenting in a PR is non intuitive

I generally @ people all the time in a PR. In most cases, the suggestions seem to be ordered in a weird order.

I would like to see it made a bit smarter.

  • When first pressing “@”, the first suggestion is myself, which is a bit weird, I would expect it to be the person I am replying to.
  • When I want to refine the search and reply to the person, I press “d”, but then it puts the person “datouzan” 3 down, and I have to type “@dato” to find them. Yes, I could press the down arrow, but to me, if it makes the suggestion as the second person, I would think that pressing ‘d’ would then have them show first, and pressing d is easier than the down arrow.

Yes, very minor, but if you are writing a lot of comments each day, the micro annoyances add up.

See the GIF:

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Thanks for this feedback! We’re always working to improve GitHub and the GitHub Support Community; whether it’s minor or not, like you said, with repetition, it can add up. Please submit your feedback via our feedback form so that our product team can track your request(s).

Thanks @tuves, will do!