Command suggestion: Re-run all jobs from pull request page

All I want to be able to do quickly is to re-run the GitHub Actions jobs on a PR from the PR page via a command. It doesn’t fit naturally into the UI, but it would be perfect for the command palette. For better or for worse, with repositories that have intermittently failing tests, this has become one of my most common actions. But to get to the re-run button, I have to navigate to the PR, then to the checks tab, then to a check, and then hit the “re-run all jobs” button.

I don’t even care if it would re-run all jobs on all workflows for the latest commit, but I’d love just any easy way to do this without having to navigate super deeply. The command palette seems like a great way to expose that.

(I know that it sounds like it’s really dumb to fire and forget a re-run, but when I know a branch is intermittently failing I really don’t even care about reading the test results sometimes. I know there are better ways to solve the intermittent test problem, but sometimes a re-run is really what my heart desires.)

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 11.42.22


Thanks for sharing the new command suggestion @hakusaro with additional detail about your use case! I’ve added this to our backlog to consider and will also share with the team