Command or keystroke that will effectively turn into "no operation"

Is there a way where I invoke the command mode prompt but don’t perform any operation on it? It would be similar to opening the terminal and typing “exit” to quit.


Seconded. I expected that another CtrlK or pressing Esc would close it again - which it did not.

@ayushxx7 @lucidBrot We have a release going out today or tomorrow that will add support for both opening and closing the command palette with Command k or Command option k (and Windows/Linux equivalents). Hitting Esc works for some users but we’re seeing conflicts with some browser settings as well as some browser extensions.

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Oh, right, in my case it is Vimium that captures the Esc key. Which is obvious, but I did not think of this. When I disable vimium for github (which I don’t really want to do) it works.