command not found

Hi! i have a problem, when i write vtex -v the console says “command not found”
before i installed vtex commands with “npm i -g vtex”
what can i do?
now i have installed node

Hello, @andres310597! Are you taking a course on GitHub Learning Lab that’s asking you to do this? If so, could you please post a link to the course and your repository?

@andres310597 It looks like you are taking the Store Framework course by VTEX.  That course was actually created by VTEX, let me reach out to them and ask them to jump in here and help us with this question!

Hey @andres310597,

It looks like you either don’t have the PATH variable defined for vtex or your terminal just didn’t recognize it yet.

Could you try restarting your terminal session to see if it’s now available? 

Let me know if you need extra help and please fill free to address further questions at: