Command 'git.clone' not found in VS Code

Trynig to run throught the Introduction to GitHub lab and on “Step 4: Create a branch” it says to run git clone from VS Code. However when I do this I get the error Command ‘git.clone’ not found 

What am I doing wrong?

From the terminal within VS Code, are you typing git.clone or git clone ?  

Take note that your error says git.clone not found, which leads me to belive you just a simple git syntax prolem.  Remove the dot and type it as two words separated by a space and let me know if that solves your problem!



I also have this problem. I am typing git clone (with a space between words) and yet the error pops up.

Hello @okon32! Visual Studio uses your machine’s installation of Git. Could it be possible that you don’t have Git installed? This article may be helpful.