Coming soon... Active community members program


Today, we officially celebrate one year of the GitHub Community Forum. Yay!! It has truly been amazing to build the community together with you. Along the way, we have seen people new to coding get help from those more experienced, we’ve seen brainstorming lead to new ideas, and friendships form. It’s incredibly inspiring to see and we’re so excited to continue to witness these relationships bloom.

These moments of connection build a stronger community and empower us to know that our ideas are possible. You bring your expertise and personality to the community allowing members to feel welcomed and at ease. The community is flourishing with each moment you create! For creating these moments, we thank and want to celebrate you!!

You have inspired us to build a program for community members like you. We want to celebrate with you more often and get to know you better.

To commemorate our one year anniversary and recognize the contributions you’ve made so far, we would like to announce an upcoming program that will launch early next year.

The program is for those of you that create these moments and serve as our most helpful and active community members. Entry into the program will be by invitation from the GitHub Community Forum team. We will have more details to come, but for now, please continue to help your peers by offering encouragement and guidance, while also welcoming new members. As we see these moments, we will take note for possible consideration into the program.

Once in the program, you will get an opportunity to chat with GitHub staff directly. Plus, there may be other thank you surprises. If you don’t get selected for the initial iteration of this program, don’t worry; inclusion in the program will be an ongoing process, including regular review of current members and new invites sent out periodically.

If you are interested in the program, stay tuned and feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to another year with you all, and celebrating more of these moments. Thank you!


Super excited to be part of this new program! The GitHub Community has grown so exponentially in the past few months, I really can’t wait to see what happens next 🙂 


Amazing announcement. Really happy to join the community at such a moment. Happy birthday, GCF.


Woah, great work @github, will love to be part


Ok I love community form GitHub

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