Combine Multiple Steps

I have a few steps (including actions from market place). I will need to use these same steps in multiple workflows. Is it possible to combine and move them to a separate file (say, action.yml) and refer them in the workflow, so that I don’t have to duplicate the same steps in every workflow?

If all the steps are just “run” steps, then you can create a custom composite action that uses those run steps.

However, we don’t support templates right now, so you don’t have the ability to define multiple “uses” steps in a separate YML file. In that instance, you do have to duplicate the code.

Isn’t this the same as Uses step in Composite Action? (same author)

Yes @laughedelic . I posted it to ensure I am conveying the question correctly. Also, the documentation lacks. Hence there is no clarity. I don’t want to duplicate the same steps in multiple workflows. Hence I was looking for a way to make it reusable.