Combine 2 csv files with Powershell

I’m in great need of assistance with a Powershell script to combine to csv files. I need to combine the second csv with all columns continuing with the first csv. Just combine the 2 csv’s as they are nothing special to identify. However each csv is fairly large. I found one I was working with but some of the rows in the second csv are out of order. Can you assist with me with this, issue? I have no previous Powershell experience however I have gained a good understanding of it.

Hi @jam57tag,

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I wanted to jump in here, and mention that if you don’t get the help you’re looking for from this particular community, you might want to try getting help somewhere that focuses on Powershell. It’s definitely possible another GitHub user might have run into this same issue and can help, but the GitHub Community Forum focuses primarily on topics related to GitHub itself or collaboration on project development and ideas. We want to make sure you’re getting the best support you can, but this forum may not be the right place for this particular topic.

Best of luck!