Colorblind variants for themes

You need to specifically enable the colorblind theme once you’ve opted into the beta.

This is correct. I’m red-green colour deficient and it’s not the colours themselves, just the contrast. This particular implementation is better for me, but it could and should be improved through the method @Modi34 proposes.

Feedback from Jos van Schouten

This is pretty decent looking. I am color blind actually. Would prefer the one with blue myself since I’m red/green color blind and red text is usually hard to read. Although in this instance I had no issues. Very nice!

Red and green dark theme

Blue and orange dark theme

Echoing @driesvints, the blue color now dominates the UI and makes it potentially difficult to distinguish between interactive elements and icons that determine state (for example the able-to-merge icon).

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When I enable the colorblind theme in feature preview and refresh the page, the colors don’t seem to change to blue/orange as described.

Hey there, it was a great initiative and will help a lot of community members who are colorblind. May see such initiatives continue in future too…

I think this is a great idea, but I noticed that there is still a lot of red like for example the tag “bug”

Don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet, but I’ve just noticed it looks like the “In Progress” colour for project progress bars has not been changed. With the new “Completed” colour, I find them almost impossible to tell apart. I need to squint really closely.

No idea if this is where I “Give Feedback” for the new “Colorblind Themes” feature preview… the link doesn’t take me anywhere helpful to do so, so I just found this… sorry if this is the wrong place :confused:

My feedback:
I’m not noticing any changes when I enable this feature preview… in particular, the code diff doesn’t change any of the red/green to the said orange/blue. That’s my main feedback, to get the code diff colorblind friendly.

ope, nevermind… after I enable this feature, I then need to manually find my way to my theme preferences and click the colorblind theme. I think it would be good to say that (and provide a direct link to the GH theme page) for this feature preview.

As someone with moderate Protanopia, these new themes are worse than the defaults. Notably, the blue/purple Merged/Open colors are nearly identical to me except for a slight perception of alpha difference.

While I appreciate the work towards broader inclusion, this attempt works in the opposite direction for the most common form of colorblindness.

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Thanks for these. I’m normally a dark theme type of user, but the colorblind features are a bit easier to use in the light theme here. I’m a strong deutan, traditionally called “red-green”, but since my red and green cones both activate more fully with a wider range of wavelengths of light, it also means blue and purple look the same, yellow and light green, that kind of thing. I tell people my color wheel consists of blurple, gred, breen, yorange and grink.
The ULTIMATE solution to the vision problem, since there is even a variety of conditions and strengths in the colorblind world, would be to offer a DIY theme generator. Up until this point I’d been using a chrome/edge extension called “Stylus” that changes the CSS on a page on the fly (you can target to a list of URLs). It let me look at file diffs far more easily.
Might I suggest to your developers, try the CVSimulator app on the iPhone (maybe available elsewhere, not sure). It does a tremendous job of portraying what a colorblind person sees next to the real image, either with a picture or with the live camera view. It lets you select what type of colorblindness to display, and then with “Deutan” selected both screens look identical to me. I show it to my kids and their eyes pop out of their heads at the difference they see with what my view looks like. This may be useful as you develop themes.

Thanks again for the work you’ve done for us so far, it’s much appreciated.

Please create one monochromatic version.

Thank you, I miss such information in the feature preview description.

Ahhhh, it was hard to see for me, that I need to click on the little bubbles to change the colors at day and night.

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I was about to send it to someone who is colorblind but then felt a little insensitive. Is it okay to call it this ? or can we call it color insensitive etc. ?

Why would it be? We are quite literally blind to specific colours or colour patterns, in other words, unable to see them correctly.


Does anyone here have non-impaired color vision but just likes the look? :eyes:

Maybe the preview message should tell you that “ENABLE” doesn’t enable it right away but allows you to do it yourself in the settings

I (strong protanomaly “red-blind” color deficiency) have long had a hard time distinguishing the two colors in diff view, so I really liking the blue/orange color scheme in the diff view.

However, the colors for the open pull request and merged pull request icons are now way too similar. They are virtually identical, and I can’t tell them apart at all. I never really had a hard time distinguishing the green open PR icon from the other icons before, so I think it would be better if the green were restored to these icons.


I’m colorblind with blue/purple as well then :rofl:

I guess I have protanopia.