Colorblind variants for themes

About 4.5% of the population are colorblind, most of whom are red-green. It would be great to have versions of the themes which take this into account, for example, in how diffs are displayed.


Hi @andrewring! We acknowledge that our current dark mode is not very inclusive for our colorblind community. But this dark mode is just the beginning. We have started early designs for a red-green Deuteranomaly theme and accessible high-contrast themes. Can I reach out to you when the time comes to review our Deuteranomaly theme? We would love to get your feedback :pray:


As we start work on new inclusive themes for GitHub users with colorblindness, we would love to get more feedback on the designs from the community. If anyone viewing this topic has a form of colorblindness and would be interested in providing early feedback and/or participating in a closed beta let me know by replying in this thread!


Please do reach out, I would be happy to help. :slight_smile:

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I’d also happily help!


I’ll also happily help!

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Hi @andrewring @harry-muzmatch & @joshowen - we have early mockups ready for our new Deuteranomaly red/green colorblind theme and would love to chat with you in the next week or so! If you’re still interested, here is a Calendly link that you can use to select a time that works best for you. :pray:

Great, scheduled. Thanks!

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The new dark mode is really nice, helps some with colorblind vision since the color saturation is higher on the diff panels (strong deutan here). I’m interested if there will be further enhancements for a colorblind mode where I can swap in some other color for the red/green, etc. Last conversation in this particular board was about half a year ago, wondering if there was some movement on it. Thanks!

Hi @paulre-skyward - Thanks for your interest in our colorblind themes. We still plan on shipping red/green colorblind themes (in both light and dark modes). We recently shipped a public beta of our dark high contrast theme and are currently focused on making that generally available. We expect to ship a beta of the colorblind theme in September. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

That’s fantastic news, thank you! Especially awesome will be that colorblind dark mode, not many colorblind friendly systems consider dark mode too. Kudos!

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The high contrast is really nice, thanks for pointing that one out. I’m looking forward to the colorblind themes!