Colorblind Mode: PR Open and Merged are same color

Love the effort by GitHub to support folks like me who have a hard time distinguishing colours. I was unable to use their original Dark Mode, however I found Dark Mode Dimmed to be a bit better.

My one main critique with the new Colorblind Mode is that for pull requests, the “Open” and the “Merged” tag are the same colour now. This makes it harder at-a-glance to determine the state of the PR. It would be awesome if these could be different colours (before the Merged one was a blue color and the Open was green).


Hello and welcome to the community, @himynameisdave!:wave: Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. You can also share it in our General Discussions area where more folks might have visibility.

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Hi, i am new there, i need some info and some help