Collaborators cannot see project

I invited collaboraters to my project but they can’t see the project in “Your Projects”

These are the steps I took:

  1. I created a user-owned project board

  2. After I have created the project, I can see the newly-created project in “Your Projects”
    I proceed to invite a collaborator

  3. From the collaborator’s “Your Projects” page, there is no projects at all

Can anyone assist me on this?

Not sure, but I think collaborators need to accept the invite before they can see in “Projects” to make sure they only see accepted projects. Else anyone could add anyone and do spamming.

I hope this answer helps you out.
~ Jainam

Hey thanks for the response. Yeah that’s what I thought
too! But none of the collaborators received any invitations.

Uff, sorry for very late response.
But do you still need help or solved issue now ?

Hey, no worries. Thanks for your interest in the issue. Unfortunately, the problem is still not solved yet. You’re welcome to give any input on the issue :slight_smile:

We’ve got the same problem. Did you find any solution for that?

Nope. No solution for it yet