Coding for novices

What are some of the easiest and most effective ways for a begginer to learn to code, plus learn the concepts behind it as well.

Hey @daedaesplayground199,

Great work on taking the leap into coding! Personally, I find pages or tutorials with examples super good for learning new tech. W3Schools and MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) are both great for web development topics, I’ve found. GitHub Learning Lab is also good for learning Git/GitHub.

It really depends how you learn and what language you’re learning. If you’re more of a learning-through-listening person, video tutorials such as ones from freeCodeCamp might be a good move. If you like reading, blog posts from various sites (like bitsofcode) about topics offer a lot of description to make you pro at specific topics in any time :) 


Hello , i am trying to learn how to create a website by code and i want to find myself the right way to do it .

My question is, how do you write you’re code? what do you do first ?
The head, content, footer ?
can you please give me some examples?

I learn the basics of HTML, CSS a bit of PHP for WordPress, at this moment i can do a website by code as a beginner

Hey there @seth666tl,

If you’re familiar with HTML basics, you’ll be more than capable with getting started! In terms of a general page layout, this is how HTML is structured:

The landing page should always be on the index.html file. How you go about writing it is up to you, however, I personally start with the general structure and head tags so I can test the site as I go. After, I then add content, styles (using a CSS stylesheet) and any JS.

Does this get you going in the right direction?

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