Codespaces is amazing

I just added support for Codespaces in Discourse, the 100% open source forum software.

After a bit of back and forth I must say I’m very impressed with the end result. Discourse has a somewhat steep learning curve, and being able to give every potential contributor a pre-configured environment that just works with one click is amazing! The performance is really good, and they automatic HTTPS/HTTP2/GZIP proxy does wonders!

There are still some rough edges with the setup I hacked today after watching the Universe keynote, but if anyone want to give it a try here the steps are:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Code > Open with Codespaces > New codespace
  3. Wait it to prepare the environment
  4. Click on File > Run > Run without Debug or press
  5. When prompted click on the green pop-up on the lower left to open the
    running Discourse app in a new tab

And the implementation is on this PR:

The only thing missing so far in my opinion is Expose Public Port, so people can test their changes with other users.