Codespace option not showing after upgrading to teams

Hi all,

I wanted to give codespaces a go so I created an org and set payed for a teams account. I attempted to follow the quick start found here, but get stuck right after creating the project from the template because there is no codespace option available to me. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong; I have a paid team account, what more does it need?

Thanks in advance, Jasper

Try clicking the Code drop-down menu and Codespaces tab may get displayed.

Yeah, I’m aware that it should show there, but it isn’t showing…

I ran into the same problem.

Found this here: Enabling Codespaces for your organization - GitHub Docs

Apparently you need to enable codespace access, but when you follow the instructions above and click on “codespaces,” it says “Your organization doesn’t have access, click here to request.”

I emailed them, so we’ll see, but would be nice if the guide specified that codespaces aren’t available for everyone, instead of just telling you to upgrade to Team.