Codespace is shutting down right after start

I’m trying to connect to a codespace that I created before. I never get to inside of the codespace because it shuts down immediately after start on it’s own. The loop goes like this:
authorizing -> initializing / starting -> shutting down

I do not even see the editor after it started because it immediately starts to shutdown.

I tried on latest Firefox and Chromium both on Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10 with the same result.

Do you experience this same issue with every repo you try to open in a Codespace? Or is it only occurring for certain repos? I just tried to repro this, and wasn’t able to, and so I’d just love to make sure we can investigate what might be going on here. Thanks!

I use codespaces in 2 repos and in first it shuts down immediately and in the second, it kind of connects, but it shows me a “reconnect” dialog when I try to click anything. So it’s fully nonfunctional in “all” 2 repos that I use.