Codespace in limbo - not starting and no delete option

I’ve got a (private) codespace that is not starting, but also not showing a delete option on (The popup under ‘…’ is empty).

Direct link:
I’ve got a different codespace that is working just fine.

Starting the codespace itself will stay in the ‘initialize codespace’ phase.
Do note: I’ve been trying to get anything started, so I have switched a lot around: both used a directory and just the file to configure the codespace.

I’m fine with deleting it, but I just don’t have the option :grin:

Also no delete option from the repo:

@rajbos also reached out to me on Twitter. The team has been looped into to look into this issue.

Thanks for reporting this here too! :grinning:

The codespace got removed somehow and I was able to clean it up. Creating a new one on the same repo has worked as well, so I can proceed testing some more :slight_smile: