Codespace hanging on start

I did some work in a codespace and awhile later refreshed the page and now it hangs on “Starting the codespace…”. I have attempted to reopen it in Chrome incognito, Firefox, VS Code (which had worked previously) but nothing works. Now the work I had written is lost.

This may or may not have been related to me creating a dotfiles repo after the fact, but afaik those settings only apply to new codespaces. In any case, I have since deleted the dotfiles repo and still have the same issue. Anyone else run into this?


I am encountering this as well for one codespace. I was able to make another on the same branch that started up fine, but the one that is hanging continues to hang every time I try to get to it, both starting it from the online link, and from VSCode directly

Our team is investigating this now as a few others have reported codespaces not resuming as usual. Thanks for reporting this issue! I’ll let you know when there’s an update.

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This incident was fully resolved. Please let us know if you see it again!

Hello I’m getting this issue. Pretty rough since I have uncommitted code in there.

Behavior is that it hangs for a about 10 minutes, then tells me it couldn’t connect and asks me if I want to reconnect.

Same issue, I can’t access my workspace this morning. After a while it says “the codespace is shutdown” but reconnecting still doesn’t work.

EDIT: it worked after refreshing about 10 times, but quite annoying

Same issue here! I managed to commit the work before it began hanging on one codespace, but for the other, I, unfortunately, could not. Is there any way to recover the work?

We will reopen this investigation now and follow up here with updates. Thanks for reporting!

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If you are still seeing this error, could you please provide the name of the Codespace which is failing to start?

You can get the name either from the Codespace list or the url - {name}

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Hi, this is happening to me on

I’ve recreated it a few times and it happens each time it shuts down or suspends.

Hi @ITHedgeHog - thanks for the info! When you say “recreated” do you mean that you’ve attempted to create multiple codespaces from this same repo and multiple have failed to start? Or do you mean that you’ve tried restarting this single codespace multiple times?

Hi @cmbrose - both in fact. I’ve recreated the whole space 3 times (It could be 2, I didn’t keep a note). And then this version I’ve tried to start several times over the past 3 days.

Having a similar issue on mikeclymer-func-ts-regulations-eltl-rm6p. I get a ‘The codespace is not available.’ message. I have tried to refresh / restart the codespace multiple times today. I have also tried creating a new codespace on the same repo and branch. Nothing has worked.

Just an update…I was finally able to create a new codespace on the same branch. The one I mentioned previously is still unavailable.

Thanks @ITHedgeHog and @mikeclymer - I have a repro and am actively investigating this. I’ll update when I have more info.


Hi this is happening to one of mine sonhanguyen-docker-sync-boilerplate-r9rv, if that helps

Since today, my codespace hangs every time when I reconnect to suspended the codespace. When I waited for about 10 minutes, it asked me to reconnect. After another 10 minutes, I was able to connect. In other words, I have to wait for 20 minutes to connect to my suspended codespace.

On Sunday (Oct 11) evening we shipped a hotfix which we believe mitigates this. If you are still actively seeing this behavior this week please let us know!

We are still investigating the root cause, but at this time we’ve confirmed there should be no data loss - the files are still intact, the machine is just having trouble starting.

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Hi @cmbrose still won’t start for me, I get an error stating that my codespace couldn’t start and has shutdown.

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@cmbrose - mikeclymer-func-ts-regulations-eltl-rm6p is still unavailable to me. Unless you still need it for debugging purposes, I am going to delete it. I have been working in a new codespace, on the same branch, without issue.