Codespace cannot be reconnet from vscode

  • OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.7 intel CPU
  • vscode: Preview latest version
    This afternoon, I created my first codespace container, then connected it via VScode. After play a while, I left my computer to sleep. However, when I came back, the vscode keep trying to reconnect it for half an hour, the full page for the current vscode project can be clicked but no response. I tried to press CMD + Q to force close it but failed. Then I tried to close the full system from the apple icon to close, failed too. Finally, I closed it by sudo reboot.

However, after I open my vscode to check if it works after my computer restarted. I found the appearance of vscode is quite different, then I found my global setting in vscode was reset to empty. Interesting :slight_smile: