Codespace build died by code 137


I’m trying to build my Codespace with custom image, but I get code 137 while installing dependencies.
I’m modifying both Dockerfile and devcontainer.json, but couldn’t fix this problem.

[Initialize codespace]

$ git -C "/var/lib/docker/vsonlinemount/workspace" clone --depth 1 "/var/lib/docker/vsonlinemount/workspace/ytdl-patched"
Cloning into '/var/lib/docker/vsonlinemount/workspace/ytdl-patched'...
git process exited with exit code 0
$ git -C "/var/lib/docker/vsonlinemount/workspace/ytdl-patched" config --local remote.origin.fetch +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
git process exited with exit code 0
$ git fetch --unshallow --tags
Starting devcontainer.json validation
devcontainer.json is valid
[Build container]
$ docker pull nao20010128nao/ytdl-patched:codespaces
codespaces: Pulling from nao20010128nao/ytdl-patched
b9a857cbf04d: Already exists
d557ee20540b: Already exists
3b9ca4f00c2e: Already exists
667fd949ed93: Already exists
4ad46e8a18e5: Already exists
381aea9d4031: Already exists
7eccd8441f11: Already exists
8c148153e894: Already exists
eca80e9a7026: Already exists
e60100a6d7bd: Already exists
d2e654f8428f: Already exists
5fdde23c5c1d: Already exists
673fc03704b7: Already exists
c5a7e3732342: Already exists
697e88b407b3: Already exists
ada50429a351: Pulling fs layer
3385f16b92b9: Pulling fs layer
ada50429a351: Download complete
ada50429a351: Verifying Checksum
3385f16b92b9: Verifying Checksum
3385f16b92b9: Download complete
ada50429a351: Pull complete
3385f16b92b9: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:90306d97f22c6ca2317af9d65dce7abc4fd346d8d79fdd9227bd6804b56aa02f
Status: Downloaded newer image for nao20010128nao/ytdl-patched:codespaces
docker process exited with exit code 0
$ docker tag nao20010128nao/ytdl-patched:codespaces cloudenvimage
docker process exited with exit code 0
$ docker create --restart=no -v /root/.codespaces/shared:/home/codespace/.codespaces/shared -v /.codespaces/agent/mount:/.codespaces/bin -v /var/lib/docker/vsonlinemount/workspace:/home/codespace/workspace -v /var/lib/docker/vsonlinemount/.persistedshare:/home/codespace/.codespaces/.persistedshare -v /tmp/CoreFxPipe_VSLS:/tmp/CoreFxPipe_VSLS --name codespaces_814d4f --hostname codespaces_814d4f --add-host codespaces_814d4f: --label Type=codespaces --label StartCLI=False --label User=codespace --label ContainerVersion=8 --init -v /mnt/containerTmp:/tmp --network host -e "CODESPACES=true" cloudenvimage
docker process exited with exit code 0
$ docker start codespaces_814d4f
docker process exited with exit code 0
$ /.codespaces/bin/Docker/ true false false true
GitHub Codespaces Linux Dependency Installer

GitHub Codespaces requires a number of prerequisites that this script

will attempt to install for you. This process requires admin / root access.

(*) Detected Debian / Ubuntu
(*) Updating package lists...
docker process exited with exit code 137
(omit, large number of tags listed)
The Codespaces Agent failed to start in the custom container.

Dockerfile: ytdl-patched/codespaces.Dockerfile at 04059e724dbc55805f01b82d41e11bb2fb56d280 · nao20010128nao/ytdl-patched · GitHub

devcontainer.json: ytdl-patched/devcontainer.json at 04059e724dbc55805f01b82d41e11bb2fb56d280 · nao20010128nao/ytdl-patched · GitHub

Please help me.


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