Codeql-Uboot I get stunk in step3, plz help me

hello, I passed the check of step3, but there is no comment in my issue. i can’t get into next step.

Can you please provide more information? I am not sure what you are describing.

For what it’s worth, I’m observing similar behavior with the “CodeQL Unsafe JQuery” course.

Despite checks passing after pushing working queries exactly according to the instructions, no comments are left on PRs or commits and I am unable to proceed further in the course.

Can you provide a link to your repository? I or someone in the Security Lab can take a look to see what’s wrong.

Hey Andrew,

Of course, I’d be delighted to. Here are the links to my repositories for both the u-boot and jquery courses:

I will also note- when the uboot repo was instantiated by the learning lab, GitHub Actions weren’t enabled by default. I had to manually enable them in order to get checks to run, but the progress still wasn’t updated in the lab. This was not true of the jquery lab (though the progress still does not update even with passing tests).

I’m have the same problem.

My codeql-uboot repo link is here:

I did PR after github action enable and Check queries action was successful and merged, but it didn’t proceed.

I am having same issue - nothing happens after successful merge on issue-3
Tried leaving the course - deleting the repo and re-registering to get the same result.

Hi there folx and welcome to the community! The Education Community has a new home for all things student developer pack, GitHub Classroom related, and the like. Visit our Education Discussion as you’ll have better visibility among those who may be able to answer your question.

@liligalante - to clarify - I am here from learning lab course CodeQL U-Boot Challenge (C/C++) | GitHub Learning Lab

@yogendra1911 the Learning Lab is a part of GitHub Education - that community is better able to assist in situations like this one :slight_smile:

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